Sept. 21-25

Monday– Journal Entry:  Define these terms:  ProgressiveConservative

How do these terms fit into a political discussion when talking about Gun Rights, Abortion, Immigration?

write Ch. 9 “The Progressive Era” Vocabulary

Tuesday Begin Ch 9.  “The Progressive Era”

Ch. 9 “The Progressive Era” Powerpoint

Ch. 9 “The Progressive Era” Guided Notes

Ch. 9 Guided Noted PDF

Wednesday– We will take our 1st vocabulary quiz (the written vocabulary is also due at the beginning of class) over the first 17 terms alphabetically.   “16th Amendment- Lincoln Steffens”

Continue with our Ch. 9 notes

Thursday- 2nd Vocabulary quiz (last 17 terms) Meat Inspection Act- Upton Sinclair” Article “We Won the Vote”

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Password: roughnecks

Upfront We Won Suffrage worksheet

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