Monday–  Turning Point: 911 and the War on Terror

Tuesday– Journal Entry “What were some of the immediate and long term effects of the September 11 terrorist attack in America?”

Test Review (section 1,2,3)


WednesdayCh. 6 Golden Packet Practice Test

Thursday–  Ch. 6 Test

Friday– Test make-up/ Ch. 7 Written vocab @

Aug. 21-25

Monday-  Notes;  Section 2

Journal Entry-  What is the American Indian Movement?  What changes did this movement want to see happen?  What major events were a result of this movement?


Tuesday –  Section 3, 4; Finish Notes

Wednesday-  Ch. 5 Vocabulary Quiz  (all 23 terms)-

Journal Entry #3

Thursday- section 1,2,3 Review

Friday-  Ch. 5 Golden Packet

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Class Materials for both US and World History:

  • 1 Spiral notebook
  • Writing Supplies (pens, pencils, anything to take notes will work)


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