MondayChapter 5 Vocabulary https://quizlet.com/307956664/the-americans-chapter-5-terms-flash-cards/

Vocabulary;  Journal Entry #2;  Using the political cartoon

Late 19th-century political cartoon showing injustices and cruelty to Native Americans, including the Cherokee, Shawnee and Delaware nations, by American railroad companies, politicians, federal courts and others. (Credit: Bettmann Archives/Getty Images)

Ch. 5 Powerpoint

Tuesday- Begin Ch. 5 “Changes on the Western Frontier” Guided Notes

Wednesday- Vocabulary Check;  Vocab Quiz 1



Feb. 18-22

Monday– Holiday

Tuesday- Write down Ch. 18 “The Cold War” Vocabulary

Wednesday– Begin The Cold War Powerpoint and notes  (ACT testing)

Thursday–  Begin Notes for periods 2 and 3;  Continue Notes through the Marshall Plan

Friday– Ch. 18 Quiz;  Notes continued.