April 2-6

U.S History

Monday- Write Ch. 22 Vocabulary from Quizlet.com/wohoops

Tuesday- Start Chapter 22 “The Vietnam War” Powerpoint Notes;  

Wednesday-  Vocab Quiz;  Notes Continued

Thursday- Notes Continued

Friday-  Ch. 22 Quiz

March 26-29

US History

Monday-  Finish Civil Rights Notes Civil Rights Powerpoint Notes

Tuesday- Emmitt Till article:  Upfront Magazine

Wednesday- Game Show Test Review

Thursday- Civil Rights Test

Friday-  NO school


World History

Monday- Thursday

We will be watching the History Channel Documentary “The French Revolution”  ** 18:00-18:55 should be omitted due to graphic nature**

We will be using this outline and discussing the questions located here as we watch the documentary:


February 20-24

US History

Monday- President’s Day- No school

Tuesday- Ch. 18 “The Cold War” Powerpoint

Wednesday- Vocab Quiz 1;  Notes

Thursday-  Vocab Quiz #2;  Notes

Friday- Upfront Article w/worksheet

World History

Monday- No school

Tuesday-  Age of Exploration NotesAge of Exploration and Colonization Notes

Wednesday- Colonization_ Columbian Exchange Opinion Worksheet-

Jan 29- Feb 2

US History

Monday- Notes;  Holocaust and Section 5

Tuesday- Chapter Review

Wednesday- Chapter Review

Thursday- Ch. 16 Test

Friday- Write Ch. 17 Vocabulary;  State of the Union Address and Notes 

World History

Monday- Renaissance/ Reformation Quiz

Tuesday- Grade Monday’s Quiz; Test Review

Wednesday- Renaissance and Reformation Test

Thursday- Upfront Magazine Article” The Battle over Jerusalem”Magazine Article

Friday- State of the Union Address and Notes