Jan. 9-13

U.S History

Monday-  Open Notes Test

Tuesday- Begin Ch.17 Vocabulary

Wednesday- Ch. 17 “The United States in World War 2 Powerpoint  Slides 1-14

Thursday- Vocab Quiz 1;  Notes Continued

Friday-  Vocab Quiz 2;  Section 1/2/3 Worksheets

World History

Monday-  Guided Reading “Pre-Columbian Empires” assignment on Chromebook

Tuesday- Open Notes Test “Tang, Song, Mongols”

Wednesday- Friday-  Begin Pre Columbian Empires Graphic Organizer for Ch. 14 “Pre Columbian Empires”  The information gathered is to be transferred to a Google Presentation (or Prezi).  This will be due next Tuesday the 17th at the end of class and will be a test grade.


U.S History

Monday-  Use Quizlet.com/wohoops and copy Ch.16 “World War Looms” vocabulary

Tuesday- Begin World War Looms PowerPoint

World War Looms Guided Notes

Wednesday- Vocab Quiz 1;

Thursday- Vocab quiz 2;  Notes continued


Monday- Begin learning about the major dynasties of China (Tang, Song, Mongols, Ming); Genghis Khan video w/ worksheet (will be graded);  Chinese Civilizations Powerpoint




NOv. 28- Dec. 2

U.S History

Monday- Copy Ch. 15 Vocabulary

Tuesday- Begin Ch. 15 Powerpoint ” The New Deal”

Ch. 15 Powerpoint ” The New Deal” Guided Notes

Wednesday-  Journal Entry #1;  Vocabulary Quiz #1;   continue Ch. 15 Notes

Important Ideas:  What and who were the criticisms of FDR’s New Deal?

What were the important ideas expressed in FDR’s Second New Deal?

Thursday-  Vocabulary Quiz #2;  Section 3 Quiz and Notes

Friday- Section 4 and 5 Guided Reading worksheets


World History

The Middle Ages Powerpoint


Nov. 14-18

U.S History

Monday- Chapter 14 Vocabulary “The Great Depression”

Tuesday- Ch. 14 Powerpoint    Ch. 14 Guided Notes

Wednesday- Vocab Quiz 1 (First 10 terms)

Thursday- Vocab Quiz 2 (last 9 terms)

Friday- Test if possible

World History

Monday- Islam and Kingdoms of Africa Test

Tuesday- Test Corrections; Current Events:  Upfront Mag Articles

Wednesday-Current Events:  Upfront Mag Articles

Thursday- Current Events:  Upfront Mag Articles

Friday- Current Events:  Upfront Mag Articles


U.S History

Monday- Upfront Magazine Article “How the Middle East got that Way: The Sykes Picot Agreement” with


Tuesday- Discuss Sykes Picot Agreement;  start Ch. 12 Notes

Ch. 12 Guided Notes

Wednesday- Vocab Quiz 1-  Notes Continued

Thursday- Vocab Quiz 2- Notes Continued


World History

Monday-  ” Islam and African Kingdoms” powerpoint

Guided Notes “Islam and the African Kingdoms

Tuesday-  Islam: Short Answer Questions

Wednesday- Quiz