Jan 29- Feb 2

US History

Monday- Notes;  Holocaust and Section 5

Tuesday- Chapter Review

Wednesday- Chapter Review

Thursday- Ch. 16 Test

Friday- Write Ch. 17 Vocabulary;  State of the Union Address and Notes 

World History

Monday- Renaissance/ Reformation Quiz

Tuesday- Grade Monday’s Quiz; Test Review

Wednesday- Renaissance and Reformation Test

Thursday- Upfront Magazine Article” The Battle over Jerusalem”Magazine Article

Friday- State of the Union Address and Notes 

Nov. 13-17

US History

Monday- Ch. 11 World War 1 POWERPOINT

Ch. 11 World War 1 Notes

TUESDAY-  Vocab quiz 1 (terms 1-14);  Notes

WEDNESDAY- Vocab Quiz 2; Notes

THURSDAY- Complete Notes;  Section 3 and 4

FRIDAY- Section 3 and 4 Review Ch. 11 Section 3-15cw2pt


World History-

Monday-  The Middle Ages Powerpoint

Tuesday- Thursday-  We will go through the Powerpoint through the concepts of Feudalism using the Guided notes and the above powerpoint.

Watch the documentary and answer the questions on the corresponding worksheet:

the Dark Ages Worksheet