Jan. 9-13

U.S History

Monday-  Open Notes Test

Tuesday- Begin Ch.17 Vocabulary

Wednesday- Ch. 17 “The United States in World War 2 Powerpoint  Slides 1-14

Thursday- Vocab Quiz 1;  Notes Continued

Friday-  Vocab Quiz 2;  Section 1/2/3 Worksheets

World History

Monday-  Guided Reading “Pre-Columbian Empires” assignment on Chromebook

Tuesday- Open Notes Test “Tang, Song, Mongols”

Wednesday- Friday-  Begin Pre Columbian Empires Graphic Organizer for Ch. 14 “Pre Columbian Empires”  The information gathered is to be transferred to a Google Presentation (or Prezi).  This will be due next Tuesday the 17th at the end of class and will be a test grade.


U.S History

Monday-  Use Quizlet.com/wohoops and copy Ch.16 “World War Looms” vocabulary

Tuesday- Begin World War Looms PowerPoint

World War Looms Guided Notes

Wednesday- Vocab Quiz 1;

Thursday- Vocab quiz 2;  Notes continued


Monday- Begin learning about the major dynasties of China (Tang, Song, Mongols, Ming); Genghis Khan video w/ worksheet (will be graded);  Chinese Civilizations Powerpoint




NOv. 28- Dec. 2

U.S History

Monday- Copy Ch. 15 Vocabulary

Tuesday- Begin Ch. 15 Powerpoint ” The New Deal”

Ch. 15 Powerpoint ” The New Deal” Guided Notes

Wednesday-  Journal Entry #1;  Vocabulary Quiz #1;   continue Ch. 15 Notes

Important Ideas:  What and who were the criticisms of FDR’s New Deal?

What were the important ideas expressed in FDR’s Second New Deal?

Thursday-  Vocabulary Quiz #2;  Section 3 Quiz and Notes

Friday- Section 4 and 5 Guided Reading worksheets


World History

The Middle Ages Powerpoint


Nov. 14-18

U.S History

Monday- Chapter 14 Vocabulary “The Great Depression”

Tuesday- Ch. 14 Powerpoint    Ch. 14 Guided Notes

Wednesday- Vocab Quiz 1 (First 10 terms)

Thursday- Vocab Quiz 2 (last 9 terms)

Friday- Test if possible

World History

Monday- Islam and Kingdoms of Africa Test

Tuesday- Test Corrections; Current Events:  Upfront Mag Articles

Wednesday-Current Events:  Upfront Mag Articles

Thursday- Current Events:  Upfront Mag Articles

Friday- Current Events:  Upfront Mag Articles


U.S History

Monday- Upfront Magazine Article “How the Middle East got that Way: The Sykes Picot Agreement” with


Tuesday- Discuss Sykes Picot Agreement;  start Ch. 12 Notes

Ch. 12 Guided Notes

Wednesday- Vocab Quiz 1-  Notes Continued

Thursday- Vocab Quiz 2- Notes Continued


World History

Monday-  ” Islam and African Kingdoms” powerpoint

Guided Notes “Islam and the African Kingdoms

Tuesday-  Islam: Short Answer Questions

Wednesday- Quiz



Sept. 26-30

Monday-  Ch. 9 “The Progressive Era” Powerpoint   Vocabulary

Tuesday-  Section 1 Notes  (powerpoint slides 1-12)

Wednesday-  Worksheet (Reteaching Section 1);  Notes continued (12-20)

Thursday- Vocab Quiz #1;  Section 3/4 Notes

Friday-  Vocab Quiz #2 Section 4/5 Notes.

World History

Classical East Powerpoint

Monday– Notes  (slides 7-13)  “Hinduism and Aryan Invasion of India”

Video and worksheet

Tuesday- Notes (Slides 14-19)  Buddhism, Mauryan and Gupta Empires

Video and worksheet

Wednesday-  Chapter Review

Chapter Review

Thursday–  Chapter Quiz and Test Review

Friday-  “Classical East” Test



Sept. 19-23

U.S History

Monday- Test Corrections;  Finish up Ch.8 Vocabulary using quizlet

Tuesday– Ch. 8 Section 3 Notes” Life at the Turn of the Century”

  1.  Summarize the 13th, 14, and 15th Amendments
  2. Discuss Segregation and Discrimination including Plessy vs. Ferguson, voter discrimination, and Jim Crow Laws.

Wednesday– Primary Source article “W.E.B Dubois”

Vocab Quiz 1 (terms 1-9)

Section 3 Worksheet

Thursday– Vocab Quiz 2 (10-17) ;  wrap up Segregation and Discrimination @ the turn of the Century;  Upfront Magazine “Black and Blue”



World History

Monday- Test Corrections

Tuesday- Begin “The Classical East:  India and China’s Prominent Civilizations”;  Hinduism and its characteristics

Classical East Powerpoint           Classical East Powerpoint Notes

Wednesday-  Notes Continued;  Buddhism ;  Mauryan and Gupta Civilizations;  Buddhism Video with worksheet.