December 3-7

Monday-  Ch. 14 Vocabulary

Tuesday-  Begin Ch. 14 Section 1 “The Great Depression Begins”  Ch. 14 Notes

Wednesday-  Continue Ch. 14; Section 2 and 3

Thursday-  Vocabulary Quiz;  Section 1, 2, 3 Review Worksheets


Sept. 10-14

US History

Monday-  Test Review

Tuesday-  Ch. 6 “A New Industrial Age”  Test

Wednesday-  Write Ch. 7 Vocabulary  (

Thursday- Ch. 7 “Immigrants and Urbanization” Power Point

Ch. 7 “Immigrants and Urbanization” Guided Notes

Friday- Notes continued; Upfront Magazine article on immigration

August 27-31

Monday–  Test Review

Tuesday–  Ch. 5 Test

Wednesday–  Written vocabulary for Ch. 6 ” A New Industrial Age” Ch. 6 Vocabulary; 

Test Make-ups

Thursday-  Begin notes (slides 1-8) for Ch. 6″ A New Industrial Age” Ch. 6 Powerpoint

Ch. 6 Guided Notes 

Friday–  Vocabulary Quiz #1;  Continue Notes

World History

Monday-  Continue Notes;  Harappan Civilization;  

Tuesday- Finish Notes; Ancient Civilizations Powerpoint 

Wednesday- grade universal screener;  Ancient Civilizations Review worksheet

Thursday-  Test Review

Friday-  Ancient Civilizations Test